• Lock it don’t Lose it – when working under pressure, it's all too easy to forget to take keys out of vehicle. Take an extra second to remove keys or if using blue ray technology. Remember, leaving keys in vehicles is likely to negate insurance cover.
  • Keep it clean – ensure windows, lights and ventilation equipment are kept clean so the driver or operator's visibility is as good as it can be.
  • Fire – is a huge hazard in the harvest field so fit small extinguishers to tractors and equipment - it may provide valuable extra minutes before the fire brigade arrives, or even save a life.
  • Water – consider putting a temporary water bowser or tank in the field where work is taking place. Again, in case of fire, it could buy you crucial extra time.
  • Don't risk it – it's frustrating when machinery breaks at a busy time but don't be tempted to rush in to fix it. Take an extra second or two to disconnect the power so there are no moving parts before tackling the problem. If possible, alert someone as to what has happened and what you are planning to do. That way, if a major problem occurs, you will have someone to assist and, if necessary, raise the alarm.
  • Don't be saggy and baggy – loose, saggy clothing is a magnet for moving machinery, so make sure your clothes are not going to prove a danger to you. If you wear a tie, make sure it is a “clip on”.
  • Guard it – ensure power shafts, augers etc are properly guarded - again a flapping sleeve could be disastrous.
  • Secure it – make sure your load is secure, even if only travelling a very short distance. Loads that are not risk spillage and roll over.
  • Careful Driving –  avoid driving you tractor over ditches, embankments and holes. Slow down to a minimum speed in these areas.
  • Slippery Surfaces – keep tour speed to a minimum when turning or crossing over slopes or slippery surfaces.
  • Look Up – be aware of overhead power lines when tipping trailers or moving equipment which could touch.
  • First Aid Kit – make sure you have one close at hand – behind the tractor seat is a good idea.
  • Roll Over Protection – if the tractor has roll over protection always wear your seatbelt and adopt the no rider policy (one person only). Never remove any safety guards or shields.
  • Don't take a Tumble? - Ladders are often in everyday use on farms, but make sure you never use an aluminium ladder on a metal surface, such as a metal floored trailer. The grip is likely to be minimal and the risk of falling is high.
  • Be Vigilant –  keep a constant look out for hazards - roads, paths, tree branches.
  • Play Time - and finally, for some, harvest isn't hard work at all. Children frequently see the harvest field as an enticing and exciting new play area. Be aware of this and of youngsters by keeping a look out, and ensure they are kept safe.


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