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Learner Driver Insurance for Provisional Drivers from £2.81 a day

Our learner driver insurance is car insurance specifically designed for learner driver and aims to provide them with the security needed to get the practice that is vital to become a licensed driver. Once a provisional licence holder has suitable learner driver insurance, it gives the student driver a chance to improve their driving skills with a friend or family member.


On average a learner driver will need 45 hours of driving lessons with a professional instructor and the Driving Standards Agency recommends further private practice of at least 20 hours. Private practice is invaluable to learner drivers who are new to driving and new to the rules of the road. However, many are hesitant to let a learner driver practise in a car belonging to a family member or friend because of the huge costs of adding a learner driver to their personal car insurance policy and the risk of the car owner losing their own no claims bonus.


Our learner driver car insurance allows a learner driver to drive any family car with just a provisional licence for as little as £85.50 per month.


Taking out learner driver car insurance means that a learner driver can have many hours of driving practice at a low cost per day. The learner driver gets to practice with someone they know and feel relaxed with and they are safe in the knowledge that should they have an accident, the owner's car insurance will not be affected and the owner's No Claim Bonus will remain intact.


The provisional licence holder can make the most of the policy by practising with any driver that has held a full driving licence for 3 years and is over the age of 25. They don't even need to be the car owner. Providing the insurance policy is in place and they have the owner's permission, the learner driver has comprehensive insurance to drive.


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