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This a specific policy to cover nursing homes or care homes, their buildings, fixtures and fittings, stock and liabilities.

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Registration under the Registered Home Act 1984. Please check which of the following categories apply:


Small Homes (Amendment Act) 1991

Registered: Solely under part 1


Registered: Solely under part 2


If the home is subject to any other type of registration please specify:



What facilities are available to the residents?


Maximum number of beds that can be maintained at the Home


Number of beds currently occupied



This question is for For Homes in Scotland only


Is the care and treatment restricted to the administration of prescribed drugs (i.e. as prescribed by a general practitioner) and first aid?

Yes No


Please provide details of your employees (including working directors, any persons supplied to or borrowed by you including self-employed contractors) giving an estimate of the total remuneration to employees and other persons without deduction of any kind (This figure will be the estimated wages salaries and any other earnings including overtime, value of board and lodgings, housing accommodation, bonuses or other payments in kind or money. No deduction from such remuneration should be made in respect of National Insurance, Income Tax, Holidays with Pay or Contributory Pensions.


Nature of work undertaken

No. of employees/
other persons

Estimated total annual wages/salaries and other earnings (£)


work undetaken at the home

work undertaken away from the home e.g. domiciliary care, if nil state nil

Clerical / Admin staff




Nursing Staff / Care Assistants




Full Time Employees




Part-Time Employees including Bank / Agency Nurses / Care Assistants




Other Employees e.g Cleaners / Maintenance /





If you undertake any work away from the Home (such as domiciliary care) in addition to the wages figure stated above, please advise the turnover for these activities.


Nature of work

Turnover (£)

Home help and domestic work


Personal Care






if other please specify




Sums to be insured

Residents' Effects
(please check limit per person required)

£500 £1,000 £2,500

Sum to be insured = limit required x maximum no. of residents

All other Business Contents



(note: limit any one manuscript, printed book, journal, print, painting, drawing, tapestry, sculpturenor other work of art £1,000 - Proprietor's household goods and personal effects should be included later under household contents)


Consequential Loss

Indemnity period required? Note: The indemnity period should be the length of time it would take to get your business back to trading after a loss. You should take into account such factors as site clearance, planning permission and rebuilding time.


Please check one only


12 month 18 months 24 month 36 months


Sum to be insured



Note: The sum to be insured should represent anticipated gross revenue i.e. income, less the cost of purchases and laundry services. If your selected indemnity period is longer than 12 months, increase the sum insured in proportion remembering to allow for factors such as increases in fees and expansion of the business.



(a) Crossed cheques (but not pre-signed blank cheques), crossed postal orders, crossed money orders, Premium Bonds, National Savings Certificates, stamped NI cards, unexpired units in postal franking machines, credit company sales vouchers and VAT purchase vouchers

LIMIT £250,000

(b) Other money
- in transit, bank night safe or in the home during business hours (standard £3,000)

- outside business hours - at the Home or other specified location in a locked safe subject to the suitability of the safe (standard £1,500). Please give full details below


Make of Safe



Location and how fixed





(c) any other loss LIMIT £500


Buildings or Tenant's Improvements

Is this cover required?

Yes No (if no, click here)


if yes please give sum to be insured for:-


i) Buildings - Full rebuilding cost, including an allowance for VAT if appropriate, architects' and surveyors' fees, legal charges, debris removal and meeting Local Authority requirements



ii) Tenant's Improvements - (if the buildings do not belong to you)
 - Landlord's fixtures and fittings and internal decorations for which you are responsible



Has there been a structural survey carried out?

Yes No

if yes, were any adverse features revealed?

Yes No


if yes, please give details


Household Contents

Is this cover required?

Yes No (if no, click here)


if yes, please state the full replacement value of your private possessions (including furniture, clothing, jewellery etc.) normally kept at the Home, making a deduction for wear and tear on clothing only

(minimum £5,000)

Does the replacement value of all your High Risk items exceed one-third of the total sum insured for private possessions?

Yes No


Note: High Risk items are articles of gold, silver or other precious metal, pictures or other works of art, jewellery and furs.

Loss of Registration

Is this cover required?

Yes No


if 'no' please click here


Sum to be insured

 (maximum £100,000)

Is full terrorism cover required?

Yes No

Do you require:

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Yes No

Engineering Insurance

Yes No


Building Questions

Are the external walls of the premises constructed solely of brick, stone or concreteand are all roof coverings of slate, tiles or concrete?

Yes No


if no, please give details



Are the premises in a good state of repair and will they be so maintained?

Yes No


if no, please give details



Subsidence Questions

a) Has any part of the property been affected by any movement of any kind, for example subsidence, heave, landslip or settlement?

Yes No

b) Is the neighbourhood in which the property is located susceptible to subsidence, heave, landslip or settlement?

Yes No

c) Has the property been underpinned or provided with other means of structural support?

Yes No


if you have answered yes to any of the subsidence questions  above, please give details




Storm Questions

a) Is the property because of it's position, vulnerable to damage by storm or flood?

Yes No

b) Is the property on a site which has suffered from flooding in the past ten years?

Yes No


if you have answered yes to either of the storm questions, please give details




Fire Questions

a) Has the fire authority inspected the premises?

Yes No

b) Have you completed all the fire authority requirements?

Yes No


if you have answered no to either of the fire questions, please give details



Will all machinery, lifting apparatus, boilers and steam vessels be subject to regular inspections by qualified engineers?

Yes No


if no, please give details



Registration Questions

a) Please name the authority or authorities under which the Home is registered


b) In whose name(s) is the home registered?


c) Please provide details of any outstanding requirements made by the registration authority


What date has been given for the completion of these requirements?


In respect of any registration, have there been any objections to previous applications or any complaints or objections made or do you know of any circumstances or incident which might affect the future of any registration held by you whether at these or any other premises owned or run by you?


if yes, please give details, if no please state 'no'


About the owners and/or person in charge

1) The Owner's name





Experience (including any current or previous business experience)

2) Person in charge's name





Experience (including any current or previous business experience)


Is the Home a registered charity? Yes No


Health & Safety Questions

In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 and the Manual Handling Regulations 1992 are all Nursing, and Domiciliary Care staff:


a) instructed and trained by suitably qualified personnel in patient handling techniques?

Yes No

b) specifically required to use the lifting/handling devices provided where necessary?

Yes No

c) required to undertake, where handling involving bodily force is unavoidable, a detailed assessment of the task, the patient (or load), the working environment and the operator(s) prior to the lifting operation in order to minimise the risk if injury?

Yes No


if you have answered no to any of the Health and Safety questions, please give details of the instructions given to your staff here



Do you have a written Health and safety policy as required by the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and has a copy been given to all employees?

Yes No

Do you maintain books of account and are they regularly audited

Yes No

Are you now or have you previously been insured in respect of any of the risks to which this proposal relates?

Yes No


Have you or any owner, partner or director of the business:

a) in respect of the risks to be insured suffered any loss, damage, injury or liabilty during the past five years at these or any other premises whether insured or not?

Yes No

b) had a company or underwriter decline to issue or renew a policy or impose special terms?

Yes No

c) ever been convicted of (or charged with but not yet tried for) any offence other than a driving offence?

Yes No

d) ever been declared bankrupt or the subject of bankruptcy proceedings or made any arrangements with creditors either in a personal capacity or in connection with any company, business or firm, with which any of you have been involved?

Yes No

e) been involved in any legal disputes during the past five years in connection with any company, business or firm with which any of you have been involved?

Yes No

Renewal Date of present insurance (if applicable)


Current Insurer

Insurance required from


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