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Business at Home insurance provides cover for businesses operating from a private address.

The insurance can cover business equipment such as computers and office equipment and can also make provision for liability insurance.


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Does the property have an alarm system installed and maintained under contract by a NACOSS or SSAIB registerd company?

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The cover chosen under domestic contents will also apply to the business contents section.


*Valuables are classed as jewellery, gold and silver items (including plated items), watches, clocks, furs and collections of medals and coins, pictures, sculptures and other works of art and stamp collections). The excess amount chosen will also apply to the Business Contents section.


Domestic Contents

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Public Liability


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Do you wish to include Product Liability cover?

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Personal & Business Possessions

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Unspecified Items - Personal Possessions Only
The amount to be insured for clothing, baggage, other items of personal use normally worn or carried (including gold and silver items), jewellery, watches, musical instruments, photographic equipment, binoculars, telescopes, furs, sports equipment, tools, contact lenses, telephones (but excluding hands free accessories and airtime) and pedal cycles not exceeding £400 each. Please note any one item may not exceed £1,000


Sum insured


Please detail below any other items you wish to insure e.g. pedal cycles over £400. Please state item and value



Business Interruption

Do you require this cover

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Please insert the gross profit figure you require


Additional Question for Hairdressers Only

Are all dyes, bleaches and tints used of proprietary brands only

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Has any incident occured in the last five years which has or could have given rise to a claim in relation to the risks proposed?

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